Become a Full-time Online Coach with Sold-Out Courses

Learn how to build a self-sustainable online "client attraction" system that gets coaching clients attracted to you and start working with you!

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Primoz Lazar

Online course launch coach

“I will teach you "the full-picture" of how to build your online presence so more of your potential clients are attracted to you!”

What You'll Learn in This Video Masterclass


Creating a high-value coaching program

Create a course/coaching program for which you can charge $3,000 upfront


Content creation for client attraction

How to post on social media so new coaching clients are messaging you


Passive sales conversion system

Get more coaching clients on demand by building an E-mail list via Paid ads, Organic SEO traffic, and Podcasting


Group client enrolments

Fill out your "live events" and allow a group of clients to apply for your group coaching program