Following This Simple 3-Step Process Allowed Me to Get my First High Paying Coaching Client

(I have been repeating it over and over again and kept attracting high-value coaching clients from social media consistently)

In this Free PDF and VIDEO COURSE you will learn how to

  • Create a course or a signature coaching program for which you can charge full price ($2,000+)
  • Attract your first or more coaching clients organically through content attraction marketing (Receive 5 lead generation content piece templates)
  • Enroll your first high-paying coaching client effortlessly through a "One-Call-Close" sales call script
  • Bonus course: "How to become a full-time online coach and attract coaching clients consistently"

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Primoz Lazar

Online course launch coach

"This plan is my gift to you so you can get your first high-paying client for your online course or coaching business!"

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